The Foundation for Independent Education

The Foundation for Independent Education (FIE) is a free civil initiative aiming to create and promote opportunities for independent cultural and educative endeavours. In today's world of ever-increasing economic globalization, there is an ever-increasing need for individuality awakening to personal responsibility. This includes not only the autonomy of traditional cultural and educational areas, but also increased self-sufficiency in all aspects of work.

The underlying aim of FIE is therefore to create the necessary conditions for the civil society to develop a new self-consciousness which in turn would allow more societal areas (specifically education, culture, and social welfare) which are currently state led managed and financed, to be transferred into responsible self-management and self-governance. Education, culture and social welfare are questions that concern all of us directly and must therefore not be left in the hands of profit-making companies or to abstract and remote state management.

FIE aims to achieve this through:

- the facilitation of public consultations and fora focused on education and culture

- building a network and connecting to other free and independent cultural and educa-tive initiatives

- building up an Association of active membership for creating networking opportunities and thus promoting the societal change and innovation which may develop out of these networks

- support and partnership for projects that promote co-operation of traditional for-profit organizations and cultural initiatives and projects

- facilitation of independent research into education, culture and social life

The FIE is conceived as a public and, in a certain sense, "neutral" body which seeks a wide range of people to join with their initiatives, making more effective use of their strengths by promoting mutual awareness and co-operation.

The main intention is not to administer appropriated donations but to encourage dia-logue and encounter without a fixed political or economic agenda. In this way economic associations are made possible in a direct and self-responsible manner.

How you can contribute:

- participation in events organized by the FIE

- becoming an active member

- help of a practical or intellectual kind

- donations to our ongoing work or to specific projects

- donations to our endowment fund